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All code is licensed under opensource MIT license if not stated otherwise.


CTL Framework An attempt to create a minimal object-oriented webapp framework in PHP.


ctlTpl class :Very simple but very powerful template class.</td>

ctlCipherSaber class :RC4 aka CipherSaber (v1&2) encryption/decryption.</td>

fileStorage class :Simple class for keeping data in a file.</td>

multiCache class :Easy to use general purpose runtime cache.</td>

Use HTML Tidy on a string

Connect [and create] database with ADOdb

Input field functions for templates


  • Date corresponds to the date the script was added or updated in this site. Some classes in the list date back to 2002.

  • When you see code comments, they are usually in phpDocGen format.

  • I admit I am a bad developer. I like to implement most things myself instead of using available source code, but still I am amazed by some PHP packages and I recommend you try them out:

Also don’t forget to browse PHP Classes, PEAR or even HotScripts.